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Bison Burgers and Backgrounders Recipe
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Burgers are in! Featured regularly at many fine dining and family eateries, ground bison and patties are now available at grocery outlets for your at home pleasure.

The cooking is easy. Cook patties until no pink remains (160°F / 70°C internal temperature), either on the barbecue, indoor grill or broiler unit. One can certainly enjoy the burger "au natural", or let the backgrounders (seasonings / accompaniments) add a whole new dimension to this popular entrée. Backgrounder selection is only limited by your imagination, taste preference and on-hand ingredients. Enjoy!


  • Teriyaka - ginger / soy sauce

  • Mediterranean - oregano

  • Cajun - hot peppers

  • Mexican - guacamole / chili peppers

  • Garden - fresh vegetables

  • Cordon Bleu - ham and cheese

  • Chili Cheese

  • Salsa

  • Build Your Own

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